Div Ring Nr Team
111Roadrunners Beep Beep (BE)
112Fractal International Affair (PL)
113Aces High (GB)
114Tails We Win (GB)
115Roadrunners Coyotes (BE)
116DragonForce (BE)
117High Flyers (GB)
118Lightning Strikes (GB)
119Fractal VooDoo (PL)
1110Alea Tym Nadeje (CZ)
1111Wizards Dream Team (BE)
1112Flaming 4 (DE)
211Road Runners Unleashed (PL)
212Flyball Junkies (DE)
213New Vision (BE)
214Brabo's Thunderdogs 1 (BE)
215Black Brains 1 (BE)
216Paws on the Run (GB)
217DumbleDogs S (CZ)
218CrazyBalls I. (CZ)
219Jolly Jumpers (BE)
2110Monkeys (GB)
321Flyvaryors New Wave (CZ)
322Flyvaryors Traditional (CZ)
323Warsaw Bullets of Energy (PL)
324Essex Aspire (GB)
325Quickstep! (DE)
326X-Treme (CZ)
327Ultra Flyball Team (PL)
32816 Paws of Power (DE)
329The Rebels Hardcore (CZ)
3210Fantastic Four (DE)
421Cambridgeshire Canines (GB)
422Reinforced Concrete (PL)
423Flyingdogs@work (BE)
424Lucky Jumpers (BE)
425Die Rasselbande Rookies (DE)
426Brabo's Thunderdogs 2 (BE)
427De Doorzetters (BE)
428Flyball Youngsters (DE)
429Bandits (BE)
4210Wizards Next Generation Team (BE)
531Tornado's (BE)
532Speed Hunters Avada Kedavra (PL)
533Blue Bandits (BE)
534Hop Trop Hurricane (CZ)
535So Runny (FR)
536Jokers All-in (CZ)
537Black Brains 2.1 (BE)
538Funny Jumpers (BE)
539Holland Express (NL)
5310Swiss Fly One (CH)
631The Red Starfigthers (BE)
632Running Borders 2 (BE)
633Running Borders 1 (BE)
634Lihos 2 Fast 4 You (BE)
635Tornado's Fireballs (BE)
636La Licorne (FR)
731Touch & Ball (IT)
732De Doorzetters Reality (BE)
733Da´quiris (FR)
734Thermik Vikings (FR)
735Les Fast Paw...ers (FR)
736Speedforce One (BE)